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kt001: The American W – For Prepared Guitar CDr

kt002: The American W – Impacted on Top c??

kt003: Vikkkings – Huts 3inch CDr

kt004: The American W – John Coletrane’s Funeral Floppy Disk

kt005: The Seven Arts – Train Doors Like Open Mouths 3inch CDr

kt006: Nkondi – Obnoxioussunshineodium (springbreakmix) Biz Card CDr

kt007: Nkondi – Obnoxioussunshineodium (hangovermix) Biz Card CDr

kt008: Vikkkings – Trenched Coat+ CDr

kt009: The Cherry Point/Vikkings – Split c30

kt010: Sunshine California – Gross Tape V4 c10

Kt011: Lap Dancer – Brazil, Japan 3inch CDr

kt012: 101! – Geezer Biz Card CDr

kt013: Roxanne Jean Polise – Penangalen Biz Card CDr

kt014: Jake Vida/Tusk Lord – Split c20

kt015: Sunshine California – Gross Tape V5 SS c62

kt016: Death Drugs and Porno c50

kt017: Foutredieu!!! – The Pros and Cons of Pyrotechnics Biz Card CDr

kt018: Eat Your Makeup – Shit, Blood and Death Conceal Treasures Biz Card CDr

kt019: Hardline Elephants – Total Deck Failure! Biz Card CDr

kt020: Kakerlak – Every man has his Passion Biz Card CDr

kt021: Circuts – Brain Leaks and Organ Shrieks CDr

kt022: Ichorus – Dual Manipulation c10

kt023: Mutant Ape – Grim Work 3inch CDr

kt026: Various Artists – Flawless Flace c90

kt027: Cracked Dome – Dead Spirits Waging War 3inch CDr

kt028: Taliban – Dragon Lady’s Elbow 2xc10

kt029: Lume – Bandit c12

kt031: Wapstan – Hans Island CDr

kt032: Sunshine Calfornia/Eat Your Makeup – Split CDr

kt033: Fecalove – Aesthetics CDr

kt034: Coarse Bangor – Untitled c12

kt035: Bear Bones, Lay Low – Backward Arrow c30

kt036: Jake Vida – Corrosive Memory Biz Card CDr

kt037: Abortion Focus Group – Transit and Stadia c10

kt038: Betty – Clamped Spline Biz Card CDr

kt040: Oubliette – Barbwire(d) Biz Card CDr

kt041: The Sunken – Nightmarijuana c90

kt044: Idiosyncrasia – Filt_h 3inch CDr

kt045: XXX/Oscillating Innards – Split Biz Card CDr

kt046: Lap Dance – Himitsu Chudoku 3inch CDr

kt047: Fossils – Lamp 3inch CDr

kt049: David Payne – Feedback#14: Rat in the Rudder Case Recycled c30

kt050: Jake Vida – Fear c20 + 3inch CDr

kt051: Artic Crash – Fricition Biz Card CDr

kt052: Nightronics – Cemetary Gates 3inch CDr

kt059: IDX1274 – Live Aktions 2005 AA C60

kt060: Offensive Orange – Fuck the Forest C60

kt063: Pulse Emitter – Complainer CDr

kt064: Fossils – Indicator c33

kt065: Fossils – The Dehumanization of Art C90

kt067: Various – Street Drinkers and Day Sleepers c60

kt068: Lume/Fossils – Split c60

kt069: Slut Mouth – Bad Taste Band CS

kt070: Fossils/Jake Vida/Sleeping Police – Split CDr

kt077: Graveyard Water – Graveyard Water AA c60

kt078: Sleeping Police – Singular 2xC60

kt079: Typhoon Cult – Bilingual Noise AA CS

kt080: Fossils – Dagobah CDr

kt081: Fonik – Fuel CDr

kt082: Cracked Dome – Flipping off the Sky CDr+

kt083: Torturing Nurse / Sleeping Police – Split c??

kt085: Mutant Ape – Knock and Wait / Water Growth c10

kt086: Death Ejaculations c30

kt087: From the Depths of Hell’s Ocean c30

kt088: Feather Ghetto Movers – F.G.M. c??

kt091: Various – A Room Without Doors c90

kt092: Rose Sobechak – Pretty Interrogation CDr

kt093: Mackle Jackle – Shanakee Funeral c30

kt094: Duo Dentale – Duo Dentale AA c30

kt095: “Wimbledon F.C” – Dave Beasant 10″ lathe

kt096: Portable Noise Kremator – Moeilijk Doen recycled c34

kt097: nxfxtxex / Raven – Untitled (Total Scuzz) / Humanity is the Devil recycled c40

kt098: Magnificensor – Worm Cloud AA c60

kt099: Ian Watson – Twin Goats Songs 2×60

kt100: Fossils – More on the Dehumanization of Art recycled c90

kt101: Ross Baker/Wound – Split Series V2: A Time After Computers b/w Crawling Through C40

kt110: G. Piller – Calm Ray/Space Mix Business Card CDr

kt111: Joeri Bruyninckx – Stop if you notice that you are learning. Try Again. Book

kt112: Gabriel Piller – Fridge CDr

kt113: Winters in Osaka – LP split label release

kt114: Aaiesieux – A.C.U. Volume 1: How to Kill an Idea 2xCDr

kt115: Foresight – tbd AA c40

kt116: Mamma Mamma Mamma 2 4 – AA c40

kt117: Thee Crumb – Rosabelle Believe c60

kt118: Bear-Man – Doppelganger cassette

kt119: Kommissar Hjuler – No! Kopf c46

kt120: Bartek Kalinka – Violin and Leaves AA c40

kt121: Sirotek – Autizm cassette

kt126: Gabriel Piller – Binaural Recordings (digital release)

kt127: Various Artists – Ordeal 2 c60

kt128: Various Artists – Newfoundland c64

kt129: Sleeping Police – No Memory CS

kt130: Kris Vanderstraeten – KAN DA NA cassette and zine

kt132: “Wimbledon F.C.” – Kelvin Davis AA cassette

kt133: Gabriel Piller – Tatu (Double Vice Layer) (digital release)

ktXXX: Various Artists – Ordeal c-tbd

kt135: Green Mist – I Wish I Hadn’t Ruined it for Myself c62

kt136: Gabriel Piller – Les Autres CS

kt137: Knife Play – All Roads Lead to Rome CS

kt138: “Wimbledon F.C.” – Zbigniew Krusynsky C30

kt139: “Wimbledon F.C.” – Gareth Ainsworth C120

kt140: tba

kt141: Ian Watson – tba DVDr

kt141: “Wimbledon F.C.” – tba c40

kt142: Gabriel Piller – Loops for Gerard AA C40

kt143: Piotr Cisak & Pawel Oleksinski – Senectute c40

kt146.1: Lume – tbd lathe

kt146.2: Lume – tbd CDr

kt146.3: Lume – tbd CS

ktpe01: Tuluum Shimmering – Untitled

ktpe02: Sex, Lies and Magnetic Tape – The Root of all Evil c60

ktpe03: Pervert, Maniac cassette

ktpe04: Judy Hitler – Jazz + Jazz = Jazz cassette

ktpe06: Patricia and Sheila 06/23/93 AA c90

ktpe07: Vorsame Graustellung c60

ktpe08: Vorsame Graustellung 2: The Ordeal c40

ktpe09: Nostalgia c12

ktpe10: Knife in the Toaster c30

ktpe11: L Frq Orgn – Untitled c12

ktpe12: The Unquiet Grave USB Key

ktb114: One Man Bastard Circus/Kommisar Hujler und Frau – Split tape

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